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MonaLisa Touch

A new treatment for vaginal dysfunction.

Many women are aware of changes to their body with childbirth and aging. Some with severe symptoms will seek gynaecological advice, while most accept the changes and tolerate the symptoms. Almost half of all women will suffer one or more vagina symptoms such as:

  • vaginal itchiness and burning
  • dryness and loss of lubrication
  • vaginal and vulva pain
  • painful sexual intercourse
  • urinary incontinence and urgency
  • prolapse and laxity

When we consider modern advances in medicine, we realise how the health industry has continue to be innovative in ways to treat human illnesses and dysfunction. A new gynaecological treatment has arrived aimed at treating vaginal dysfunction. Clinical studies have shown it can restore vaginal function by “DOT therapy” induced vaginal regeneration. With increasing treatment in Australia and around the world, there is now an ever increasing literature of evidence to support the use of MonaLisa Touch.

Treatment can produce general improvement with reportedly minimal discomfort and adverse effects. Depending on the gynaecological symptoms, individualised treatment may be required. While there is yet relevant authority regulating the use of this new treatment, patients should seek gynaecological assessment and management. For safety and optimal outcome, assessment and management by a gynaecologist is recommended.